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METG College Audition Prep Panels

METG College Audition Prep Panel Information

We are pleased to introduce our newest program offering: the METG College Audition Prep Program. Sponsored by the High School Division, this program is designed to provide our students with resources, guidance, and best practices for preparing and submitting college auditions and/or portfolio reviews. Join us for a series of panel discussions & interactive workshops beginning this month. These panels are open to any High School student who would like to attend.

Panel One: Wednesday, October 28, 2020 7:30PM

Join Recent METG Alumni Theater Program Graduates as they share with you their college audition process, best practices for preparing for your audition, what their college theater program was like, what they’ve been up to since graduation, and things they wish they had known before they auditioned! This session will run approximately 60 minutes.

Panel Two: Monday, November 2nd 7:30PM

Join College Theatre Program Coordinators as they walk you through the college audition and portfolio review process. Learn best practices for being the best you on your upcoming auditions and interviews before you head out on the college journey. This interactive panel discussion is an opportunity to ask questions about the process, and college theatre programs in general.

This panel will feature:

McCaela Donovan, Assistant Director, School of Theatre, Boston University

Samantha Richert, Assistant Teaching Professor, Northeastern University

Peter Sampieri, Associate Professor, Dept. of Theatre and Speech, Salem State University

Catherine Weidner, Chair, Department of Theatre Arts, Ithaca College

Eric Weiss, Director of Programming, Dept. of Performing Arts, Emerson College

Panel Three: Monday, November 9, 2020 7:30PM

Join METG Alumni who are Current Theater Program Students as they share with you their college audition process, best practices for preparing for your audition, what their current theater program is like - including benefits and challenges, and things they wish they had known before they auditioned! This session will run approximately 60 minutes.

You can REGISTER HERE for one or all of these panels.

If you have any questions or need additional info, please email

2020/2021 Membership Request for Information and Membership Confirmation

If you haven't completed the 2020/2021 Membership Confirmation Form, please do so here.

If you haven't already completed the 2020/2021 Membership RFI, please do so here. We will use the results from this RFI to confirm memberships following the Annual Meeting.

The METG Annual Meeting was held on Thursday, September 24th from 7:00PM-9:00PM on Zoom. If you could not attend, but would like to view the presentation, please send an email to

If you have any questions, please contact us at

METG's Response to Current Events

METG Statement on Death of George Floyd & Resultant Uprising

In times of darkness and despair, we turn to the arts. Maybe it's a song that comforts you, or a book that reminds you of a gentler, softer time and place. Maybe it's the memory of a painting or sculpture that captures a moment in history. Or maybe it was sitting in a dark theater, listening to a stirring rendition of a song from your favorite musical or a monologue by your favorite actor.

Times are dark indeed. Like far too many before him, George Floyd died at the hands of hate. In the days that followed, we watched people come together to stand against systemic racism, to address white privilege, and to ensure that George Floyd, and Ahmaud Arbery, and all the lives cut short too short by racism and hate were not taken in vain.

The Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild stands in solidarity with everyone leading the way in this important fight.

Theater has always been a powerful tool to teach. To empower. To hold up a mirror to the world. The role of educators and artists in this fight is crucial. At times like these, we would be gathering in theaters and asking ourselves "what can we do to help?" And while we yearn to be together in these spaces, mobilizing towards the greater good, we're in the midst of a pandemic that keeps us apart while continuing to disproportionately impact communities of color.

We promise to teach our students to harness their feelings and find the power to express them in creative forms that capture the intensity of the moment. Miller’s The Crucible and Larson’s RENT read like a history book on revolution. Who will be the storytellers of today? Who will stand for justice? METG will stand with you.

We'll be together soon. And when that time comes, we'll turn our attention to telling powerful stories, asking difficult questions, and examining privilege. Theater and the arts will resume — in some way, shape, and form — and when they do, we'll use this powerful medium to change the world.

Until then: Read a play. Listen to music. Draw. Connect with people you love. Listen with compassion and empathy. Challenge the status quo. Stay informed. Stay safe. Stay strong.

Black Lives Matter.

Member Show Lineup


One of the favorite things about the METG programs for students is meeting so many fellow drama geeks from schools across the state. Participants share a special bond after participating in any of the events together, and it’s so cool to keep in touch with the people you meet. We love seeing this tradition continue. Going to see the friends you’ve made in their school’s production is a perfect opportunity to support the friends you’ve made in the past!

Directors of member schools, if you have an upcoming show you'd like to share, please email the info to or fill out this form!

Malden H.S. performs as Lexus Grant recipient

This year's Lexus "World of Possible" Musical Improvement Grant recipient was Malden High School. The cast of Once on This Island performed "We Tell the Story" for the opening number at the Broadway In Boston season announcement gala.  To see a video of their performance, CLICK HERE

Winthrop High School Wins State DramaFest for 2nd Year.

The Winthrop High School Drama Society has certainly earned its applause, as they’ve come in first at the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild (METG) state finals for the second year in a row. Out of 14 schools, Winthrop took the lead, right alongside Sharon High School and Weymouth High School.

Melrose HS Brings "A Moment in Time" to DramaFest

The award winning Melrose High School Drama Club, along with its Director and Advisor, Timothy Daly, are pleased to announce that they will be performing the play, “A Moment in Time” at the 2018 Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild Drama Festival or “Drama Fest.”

Hanover High School hosts a Preliminary Drama Festival

On Saturday, March 3, Hanover High School will play host the preliminary round of the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild Drama Festival, performing “A Day in the Garden,” an original script written by junior John Salvucci.

NEW! Lexus Musical Grant

A Unique Opportunity

Premise:   School theatre programs provide a home where students can feel accepted, valued, and part of something larger than themselves.  Given that the creative process of mounting a full scale musical is daunting, this program will endeavor to identify and support the improvement of fledgling musical theater programs in middle and high schools in Massachusetts. The Lexus World of Possible Improvement Grant is part of their pledge to better children’s lives—allowing them to pursue their dreams.

Purpose:   To search out and support promising, but struggling Massachusetts school musical theater programs that share the passion and enthusiasm of mounting a musical, but need financial backing to begin the process of improving both the technical and performance quality of their annual shows. This program should also ensure improvement to give these students the chance to be recognized for their achievements in theatre arts as part of the MET Awards Program.

Who is eligible to apply:   All members of the Massachusetts Educational Theater Guild who currently produce at least one musical production per year.

Amount of Award: Lexus Corporation has promised $5000 per year to award to one or two schools to improve their programs.


  1. Applicants will submit an application by February 1st
  2. Applicants will submit a letter of support from the school’s administration stating the programs strengths and weaknesses by February 1st
  3. The MET Grant Committee will review the applications and schedule an on-site visit hopefully during a production rehearsal or performance to determine the scope of the school’s existing theater program.
  4. The MET Grant Committee will choose finalists for the grant award that will be presented to LEXUS for the final approval.
  5. Winners will be notified in late May with the award presentation at the MET awards in June.

New Teacher Workshop!


Young Actors Write the Score

In this intensive workshop, we will explore how to create a piece of theatrical work with students that begins without a script and without a predetermined concept. We will focus on methods of engendering collaboration, bravery, and vulnerability in the classroom, and will look at ways of leading students to take their immediate ideas and then dig deeper, experiment more, and think way way outside the box.


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