Any Massachusetts secondary school student in grades 9–12 is eligible to enter the contest. The rules are simple.

1. The script must be original, typed in 12-point Courier font with pages numbered, and double spaced between characters’ dialogues.

2. Each playwright must EMAIL ONE COPY to METG@METG.ORG.

3. A script may not exceed forty minutes (approximately one minute per page, or forty pages).

4. The script must be written for stage presentation. Musicals, screen plays, teleplays, or adaptations of another author’s work will not be accepted.

5. A student may not submit more than one entry.

6. Students may collaborate on a single script.

Prizes: Winning playwright(s) will receive a cash prize and an offer of publication by JAC Publishing & Promotions. The first-place winning play will also receive a 10-minute staged reading at an Awards Ceremony in the Spring.

Contest Fee:$15 per student from an METG member school; $20 for non-member

Deadline: January 3, 2020

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High School Sherwood Collins Playwriting Contest


Attention, aspiring playwrights! If you have a story to tell, the METG invites you to submit a one-act play to the Sherwood Collins Playwriting Contest.

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